• Managed Cloud Web Hosting L Package

A turn-key Managed Cloud Web Hosting solution, for a big scale website or cloud app. 

What Managed actually means and why is better than any other type of Web Hosting?

Our Managed Cloud Web Hosting packages minimize the amount of hands-on IT work that needs to be performed to keep a server or a web application running at peak performance. Getway, with its Managed Cloud Web Hosting packages, handles the hardware, operating system, and security, and takes away all the technical complexities, letting you focus only on the growth and success of your website, cloud application and business with complete peace of mind.

Fewer worries. More freedom. Better business.

You don’t have the technical knowledge, staff, or time to manage a web server? Order now a Managed Cloud Web Hosting package.
Cloud infrastructure, efficiency, and information security is our job. Yours is growing your business.

All Managed Cloud Web Hosting packages are powered by Getway Cloud, a growing collection of secure and self updated complimentary services. This powerful combination of managed cloud services allows you to build, deploy, and manage applications with 99.95% availability SLA. Our cloud infrastructure runs on a growing global network of several managed datacenters across the US and Europe and can quickly scale up or down to match demand.

What is included in the monthly Managed Cloud Web Hosting L Package?

  • 5 GB SSD Storage in Getway Cloud Storage Cluster
  • 1 GB SQL/NoSQL in Getway Cloud Database Cluster
  • Unlimited Bandwidth In
  • 150 GB Bandwidth Out
  • Guaranteed Weekly Storage Backup
  • Guaranteed Daily Database Backup
  • Hardware Maintenance and Updates
  • Daily Operating System Maintenance and Updates
  • Daily Cybersecurity, Data Privacy and Encryption
  • No-Shared, Isolated and Secure Cloud Resources
  • Failover Cloud Infrastructure
  • 99.95% Availability SLA
  • 24x7 Incident Support

We work hard to make sure every Getway customer has what is necessary to be successful. No matter what product or package you are using or how much you are spending, we stand by our promise to provide world-class service and support.

Managed Cloud Web Hosting L Package

  • Brand: Getway LLC
  • Product Code: MCWH-L-00
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $14.99

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